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Corporate Milestones

The Amorim Group is one of the largest, most entrepreneurial and dynamic multinationals of Portuguese origin. Its origins were in the cork business, back in 1870 and today it is the world leader in the sector.

Below are some of the most relevant time frames in our history.


Opening of the world's first cork recycling facility at Amorim Cork Composites in Mozelos, to make the Green Cork recycling program possible.

Sustainability Report 2007 distinguished by Corporate Register, featuring in the TOP10 of the «Relevance and Materiality» category.

Corticeira Amorim is the 25th most influential company in the world wine market, recognition by the renowned wine magazine Drinks Business.


The 1st Sustainability Report of CORTICEIRA AMORIM is distinguished by Corporate Register as one of the world's top three reports in the category of "Openness and Honesty" and as one of the top six in the category of "Relevance and Materiality".

Joins Condomínio da Terra & GFTN, a volunteer system which aims to care for the planet in an integrated manner. Corticeira Amorim becomes its 1st member.

Launch of Green Cork, an initiative by Quercus with the support of Corticeira Amorim. It is a program for the collection and recycling of cork, the proceeds of which will go to planting and preserving the native forest in Portugal.

Acquisition of 100% of the German group Cortex and 25% of the North American company US Floors, Inc. Amorim Flooring is able in this manner to join two of the most important cork flooring distributors in the respective markets.


Aware of its responsibility as world leader in the cork processing sector - a segment which ensures the viability of the whole cork industry -, Corticeira Amorim publishes the first and only Sustainability Report in the industry and begins a regular, systematic and structured communication of its policies and practices on sustainability.

This is the first step in a broader sustainability programme which would later be launched - the Natural Choice Programme - launched with the aim of integrating the sustainability of the business and increasing Corticeira Amorim's competitiveness in the long-term.

Corticeira Amorim becomes a member of the BCSD - Business Council for Sustainable Development.

Acquisition of 87% of the prestigious Oller Group. Corticeira Amorim acquires a percentage equivalent to the share capital of the French company S.A. OLLER ET CIE, based in Reims, and of the company Francisco Oller, S.A. based in Cassà de la Selva. The production capacity and distribution of champagne stoppers are reinforced.

Creation of Amorim Cork Composites, Corticeira Amorim's new business unit, resulting from the integration of the Cork Rubber and Technical Agglomerates BUs. This is an important step in achieving the Organisation's strategy, since it leverages business development, strengthens the loyalty of its customer base and improves operational efficiency.

Acquisition of SOBEFI - production and marketing of capsulated stoppers. Amorim France acquires this unit, located in the Cognac region, in France, an important step in achieving the strategy for growth in high added value segments.

Two macro-divisions are created for the strategic management of the business - Amorim Natural Cork (Raw Materials and Cork Stoppers BU) and Amorim Cork Composites (technical applications of cork agglomerate in products and solutions) and also a new area of transversal support to the whole Organisation - Amorim Cork Research, for the innovation challenge.


Shares acquired in the French company Société Nouvelle des Bouchons Trescases, S.A., which, since its foundation at the end of the 19th century, has been a leading brand in the French cork stoppers market, with a strong commercial positioning, particularly in natural cork stoppers for top of the range wines. Thus a reinforcement in the distribution capacity is made in the world's largest and most faithful market to the high quality cork stopper, a closure which benefits from an enviable rate of sustainable growth, both in France and throughout the world.


Acquisition of the Equipar Group, which owns two industrial companies: Equipar Indústria de Cortiça and Equipar Rolha Natural. Thus, the quality of the cork stopper industry is consolidated, enabling Clients to have access to high quality products with high technical and sensory performance. The industrial facilities, located in Coruche, are equipped with the most advanced technology for the production of natural and technical stoppers, segment from the high added value product mix for which greater growth is expected.


Amorim Cork Composites, based in Mozelos (Portugal), receives FSC certification, thus becoming the first packaging company in the world to receive this important environmental certification.


The process to restructure the universe of the Natural Cork Business Unit factories begins (preparation of cork raw material and cork stopper production). The goal is to rationalise costs, centralise services and standardise production processes which are scattered across different factory units. Amorim & Irmãos, S.G.P.S., S.A. leads a merger process with other factory units that had previously operated independently in the market.


António Rios de Amorim, at 34 years of age, succeeds Américo Ferreira de Amorim. The fourth generation of the Amorim family, actively involved in the Group's activities for over a decade, now begins to take on leadership roles.

Establishment of Amorim & Irmãos, S.A. - Coruche Unit. Identical to the Ponte de Sôr factory, this unit is designed to produce discs for champagne stoppers marketed under the Spark® brand. With the opening of the Ponte de Sôr and Coruche units, the verticalisation of the whole cork stopper production process becomes a reality.

Privatisation of the competing sectors and those considered as non-strategic to the Tunisian State. A major share is acquired in Société Nationale du Liège (SNL), a company located in the centre of the main cork-producing region of Tunisia and Algeria, that undertakes its activity in various segments of cork processing (natural cork stoppers, discs, granulates and agglomerates).

Acquisition of the company Discork Cortiças, S.A, located in S. João de Ver, in the municipality of Santa Maria da Feira, an industrial unit dedicated exclusively to the production of cork discs. It produces 700 million discs/year, an important contribution to the planned expansion of the production capacity of the Twin Top® stopper.


Creation of Amorim & Irmãos, S.A. - Ponte de Sôr Unit, the centre for the preparation of raw materials and the manufacture of discs for Twin Top® stoppers. The revolutionary CONVEX® boiling system is introduced. The opening of this unit enhances the quality control of the raw material, and gives credibility to the cork industry on a global level.

Corticeira Amorim, S.G.P.S., S.A., public limited company, reinforces the structure of its share capital, by increasing the capital reserved for shareholders from 71.5 million Euros to 133 million Euros: 23.8 million Euros by incorporating reserves and 37.7 million Euros through cash contributions.