Superior performance even in the most extreme conditions

Corticeira Amorim has over forty years of experience in providing thermal and anti-vibration insulation solutions for electrical power transformers and the energy distribution market. It responds to the most rigorous needs, whether in terms of the development of customised polymers, product tests or innovative solutions adapted to each client’s specific situation, while always guaranteeing high levels of performance, comfort and durability.

It supplies a range of engineering products prepared for very specific and even critical applications - for example, sealing equipment items subject to extreme temperatures - including applications to reduce noise levels and anti-vibration solutions, which maintain unaltered technical performance over time. Indeed, the use of cork compounds in transformers and reactors, extend the equipment’s life in power stations and distribution networks.

It should also be noted that these cork-based solutions also incorporate rubber materials, resulting from recycled tyres, waste rubber and virgin rubber, which helps save energy, reduce consumption of materials and prevents an appreciable amount of tyres from being deposited in landfills.

Cork is also a preferred solution in the field of renewable energies.

The performance levels of wind energy equipment can be improved by using cork in the turbine's large blades.

Cork is a light material, capable of absorbing vibrations and has a natural capacity for thermal insulation and cushioning, which helps minimise condensation on the blades, thereby enhancing their rotation performance.

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Other Cork Applications

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