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Shareholder Structure

Corticeira Amorim’s total share capital currently stands at € 133 million, represented by 133 million registered common shares with a nominal value of one euro each, which confer the right to dividends.

The company’s shares were listed on the BVLP - Lisbon and Porto Stock Exchange (currently Euronext Lisbon) on April 18, 1988. The shares issued within the framework of the share capital increase operation in 2000, were listed for trading on December 19, 2000, complementing the company’s existing shares that were already listed on the BVLP since the beginning of 1991, included within the national continuous trading system since December 11, 1991 (ISIN code: PTCOR0AE0006).).

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Voting Rights

The voting rights in Amorim Investimentos e Participações, SGPS, SA are wholly owned by three companies: Amorim Holding Financeira, SGPS, SA (11.392%), Amorim Holding II, SGPS, SA (38.608%) and Amorim - Sociedade Gestora de Participações Sociais, SA (50%)) without any of them having a controlling interest in the company, thereby ending the imputation chain, pursuant to Art. 20 of the Securities Code. The share capital and voting rights of these three companies, in turn, are owned, respectively, in the first two cases, directly and indirectly (through Imoeuro, SGPS, SA and Oil Investment, BV) by Ms. Maria Fernanda Oliveira Ramos Amorim and daughters, and, in the third case, by Mr. António Ferreira de Amorim, his wife and children.

The capital of Great Prime, SA is wholly owned by three Holding Companies: API Amorim Participações Internacionais, SGPS, SA (19.80%), Vintage Prime, SGPS, SA (19.80%) and A Porta da Lua, SASA (60.40%), the latter is owned entirely by Ms. Maria Fernanda Oliveira Ramos Amorim.

The capital of Amorim, Sociedade Gestora de Participações Sociais, S.A. is owned by Mr. António Ferreira de Amorim, his wife and children, neither of which holds a controlling interest in the company.

Includes 3,045,823 shares (2.29%) held by funds under the management of Santander Asset Management, SA, SGIIC (communication received by the company on June 6, 2019).

Shareholder Structure

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