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Global reference in construction solutions

Applications of cork in the construction sector represent about one third of Corticeira Amorim's total business activity and involve a major investment in innovation. What began as a solution to use waste generated from the production of cork stoppers now results in a diversified portfolio of highly efficient solutions, both from a technical and environmental perspective.

Safety, silence, comfort, durability, sustainability

Cork perfectly matches the goals of sustainable construction and contemporary society’s concerns with ecology and the planet.

The positive perception of cork solutions extends far beyond the Portuguese reality. For example, expanded cork agglomerate was chosen in the USA as one of the world’s ten most ecological and sustainable products, thanks to its energy efficiency and good use of materials, and is ranked amongst the Top Ten Green Building Products (2013 edition) of North America’s biggest directory of sustainable construction products. As an insulation solution, in addition to being natural and sustainable, it guarantees unlimited durability without any loss of characteristics and functionality.

In Europe, one of the most important markets for cork-based construction solutions, Corticeira Amorim is recognised as a case study in the field of sustainable construction. It was the world’s first company to present a cork-based acoustic insulation solution that received a maximum score from BRE - Building Research Establishment, London. In an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) assessment, the AcoustiCORK® range of subfloors obtained an A + rating, confirming their superior environmental performance, in accordance with international standards that constitute a reference standard for sustainable buildings. It uses cork’s advantages in the NVS simulator.

The solutions developed by Corticeira Amorim are so comprehensive that it is possible to include them in all stages of the construction and rehabilitation of buildings, from waterproofing and anti-vibration for infrastructures, foundations and sub-floors, to acoustic and thermal insulation and the final covering options for interior floors, walls and ceilings, façades and roofs, with contemporary and distinct visuals.

Corticeira Amorim is also a major player for large-scale infrastructures. It is a key reference in products that have been specially formulated for application in anti-seismic structures, bridges, tunnels, aqueducts and motorways, water supply systems, reservoirs, dams and airports. Cork solutions also exist to fill the spaces in expansion joints, absorbing vibrations and expansions induced by heat or contractions of different construction materials, enabling the structures to move without causing damage to them.

Maximises performance and sustainability

Sustainable technical solutions with high performance and durability for the most demanding construction systems.

As a product that maximises performance and sustainability, cork is an increasingly preferred choice in the construction market, since it provides advantages in terms of building quality, indoor air and comfort. It also helps save resources, both during the production process – since it requires low energy consumption - and from the user's perspective, as the only raw material that can guarantee the same level of technical performance throughout the product’s working life.

Amorim Cork Flooring Brochure [PDF]

Other Cork Applications

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