150 years of future

Chairman's Message

When António Alves de Amorim built his first cork stopper factory in 1870, in Vila Nova de Gaia, he surely never imagined that this modest entrepreneurial gesture formed the embryo of what was to become, 150 years later, the world’s biggest cork transformation group. Successive generations of employees have always shared, defended and preserved the core values ​​of Corticeira Amorim, which have underpinned this extraordinary story, filled with challenges, obstacles and achievements.

Dedication and motivation

of our employees we will build the next 150 years

The company has continuously striven to achieve success through a combination of work, talent, perseverance and ingenuity, by reconciling knowledge and technical expertise. The next 150 years will undoubtedly be based on the unquestionable skills, indisputable professionalism and undeniable commitment, dedication and motivation of our employees. In harmony with our mission to add value to cork in a competitive, differentiated and innovative manner, in perfect harmony with Nature. Linked by responsibility, discreetness, ambition, attitude and pride

And above all united by the passion that inspires us all: cork.

Cork has unique characteristics that no product created in a laboratory has yet been able to replicate: each cubic centimetre of cork contains about 40 million cells! It is a 100% natural, ecological, renewable, recyclable and reusable raw material. Light, waterproof and hypoallergenic. An elastic and compressible organic resource, waterproof, floating and resilient, which offers thermal and acoustic insulation. An unparalleled raw material that is capable of generating social, environmental and economic value, with high sustainability credentials, and helping ensure a balanced climate. One metric ton of cork retains up to 73 tons of carbon dioxide!

Given these attributes, and observing the new paradigms of sustainable development, society’s increasing environmental concerns and the innumerable possible uses within an endless set of activities, it is easy to foresee rising demand from different industries for cork-based products, solutions and applications. First and foremost, there is the umbilical link between the cork stopper and wine. Year after year, we have consistently gained higher market share compared to so-called plastic closures, through a strategy based on innovation, performance and sustainability. Next, I would underline the increasingly widespread use of cork in the fields of architecture, construction and interior design. This positioning will be consolidated as we further enhance cork’s appealing visuals, sensory character and tactile characteristics, as well as its technical performance that delivers greater well-being, comfort and long-term use. Finally, we are investing in the development of new applications and combining cork with other materials, reinforcing our understanding, expertise and partnerships. The aim is to expand the portfolio of products and solutions beyond the established sectors of aeronautical and aerospace, transport, design, fashion or sports.

The exponential growth in the demand for cork also underlies our Forestry Intervention Programme. We want to participate in the development of our cork forest with a model that will enable a better economic return, an even greater environmental contribution and a greater availability of raw material, capable of responding to the growth of our market. We have already begun new plantations of cork oak trees that we hope will serve as inspiration for many other producers. This will help prevent the desertification of several parts of Portugal, increase carbon sequestration and continue to foster the exceptional biodiversity of the cork oak forest. This project led by Corticeira Amorim aims to increase cork production in Portugal by 35% over the next ten years.

We assume a great sense of responsibility. Increased responsibility for the product, people and nature. In short, a responsibility for the future.

António Amorim
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