Amorim Cork Ventures

We encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in the cork sector

Amorim Cork Ventures (ACV) was founded in 2014 to support entrepreneurs who are developing innovative products, solutions and applications for the cork sector. ACV's main goal is to promote the launch, growth and expansion of cork-related business ventures, aimed in particular at foreign markets. This requires the development of new approaches, paths and formulae for cork, both in its natural state and when combined with other materials.

"The creation of Amorim Cork Ventures is a natural step in the evolution of Corticeira Amorim, which, as a world leader in the sector, has a privileged position to support entrepreneurs who aim to work alongside the company and further its mission to add greater value to cork."
António Rios de Amorim


Entrepreneurs who are developing a new cork-based product and have a proposal for a business plan/model. Small existing companies with growth potential - established companies, which offer innovative cork-based products, applications and businesses that are looking to Amorim Cork Ventures as the partner to accelerate their sales growth and increase their value.


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Sustainable Identity

ASPORTUGUESAS is the world’s first brand of cork flip-flops. Today with a much broader portfolio, ASPORTUGUESAS offer a new footwear concept that also upholds the sustainability of the Planet. Taking cork’s sustainable footprint to the four corners of the world, ASPORTUGUESAS result from an unprecedented combination of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship associated to this unique raw material - cork.

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Sugo Cork Rugs

Eco-friendly rugs

Sugo Cork Rugs are the world’s first brand of rugs to incorporate an innovative cork solution that uses traditional tapestry techniques. Always focusing on eco-design, well-being and exclusivity, Sugo Cork Rugs stand out for their colours, textures, beauty, originality and sustainability. Sugo Cork Rugs also combine natural materials and the promotion of circular economy principles with global interior decoration trends, seeking a differentiating position in a market that is increasingly receptive to environmentally friendly solutions.

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