Amorim Cork

Amorim Cork is the world’s biggest producer, supplier and distributor of cork stoppers. Using the most advanced production technologies, unprecedented quality control and solid expertise, the company can guarantee an unrivalled level of safety in the supply of the latest products.

It supplies cork stoppers for still and sparkling wines and spirits that offer high standards of quality, a negative carbon footprint and unparalleled physical, chemical and oenological performance.

A story in each stopper

Founded in 1922 in Santa Maria de Lamas, initially called Amorim & Irmãos, Amorim Cork now has subsidiaries in the world’s principal wine producing markets, such as Spain, France, Italy, South Africa, Chile, Australia and the United States of America. The company has the world’s largest distribution network of cork stoppers that enables it to supply the producers of the world’s finest wines. It provides an exceptional portfolio of natural, micro-agglomerated, capsulated, ergonomic and customised stoppers.

Amorim Cork produces more than 5.5 billion cork stoppers per year, confirming their countless advantages on a daily basis. Cork is an incomparable stopper due to its organic character, is vital for the wine’s evolution in the bottle and is crucial for the development of its intrinsic qualities. This is an irreplaceable natural feature, to which Amorim Cork adds extremely valuable Research & Development and Innovation (R & D + i) investments that have created some of the finest solutions available in the market. Examples include Twin Top stoppers, the ideal technical stopper for high-speed bottling lines, the Helix system, the first major wine packaging innovation of the 21st century, or NDtech, the most revolutionary quality control technique in the industry. With a presence across five continents, selling to around 100 countries and with 19,000 active customers, Amorim Cork has been adding new layers of meaning to cork for almost 100 years.

"The way wine develops with cork is unique and sustainable."

Richie Allen, Rombauer Vineyards

"Cork is probably the most magical element. It’s an organic, expansive element. It´s a guardian of treasures and the first confidant to what´s inside."

Josep Pitu Roca, Celler de Can Roca

“Sustainability and environmental protection are crucial elements in our sector. Among the various different sealing systems for bottles, cork, as a natural element, surely represents the best that we can guarantee in terms of respect for the environment.”

Renzo Cotarella, CEO e enólogo principal da Marchesi Antinori
Wine cork stoppers

The natural cork stopper is the ideal closure for a wine’s long storage in bottle and the only one that fully assures the perfect maturation and evolution of the wine.

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Champagne and sparkling wine cork stoppers

The champagne and sparkling wine cork stoppers consist on a agglomerated body formed by cork granules and 1,2 or 3 cork discs glued to one of the body’s ends.

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Capsulated cork stoppers

Natural cork stoppers with a capsule that could be made in several materials like: wood, porcelain, metal, glass, PVC, ect) glued to one of the ends.

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