Corporate Governance


Sustainable by nature

Day after day, Corticeira Amorim’s team of thousands of employees works together to fulfil its mission, with rigour and enthusiasm, furthering the company’s long-term vision: to be a sustainable company, ensuring a suitable return on invested capital, promote social equity and environmental protection and uphold key differentiating factors in terms of products and services.

The cycle between start and finish are aligned. Nature: Cork, the Cork Forest and People, all in equilibrium.

Cork is an incredible material. Corticeira Amorim has been a global ambassador for cork for more than 150 years and is the driving force behind the development of its potential applications, which we believe are far from being exhausted.

Our commitment pays tribute to all the preceding generations who have also pursued this mission; to all those who work alongside us in terms of planning, research and innovation; to all those who contribute to the company’s sustained and sustainable growth and, in particular, to all our Employees.

We are especially proud that our stakeholders understand and applaud our valuable contribution to sustainable development, as demonstrated by our most recent stakeholder consultation which enjoyed widespread participation.

Our performance is aligned with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and our sustainability strategy contributes to the pursuit of 12 of these Goals. We assume this responsibility with commitment and transparency.



Cork lies at the heart of Corticeira Amorim's business. The company is committed to ensuring that its business activity has a positive impact on ecosystems, throughout its value chain, with an activity based on the bioeconomy, a commitment to renewable materials and the search for zero waste.



Corticeira Amorim's employees are the main pillar of the company's success. One of the fundamental vectors of employee management is promotion of a safe and balanced environment, in physical, social and psychological terms.



Corticeira Amorim is committed to ensuring high ethical standards in management and in matters of corporate governance. With this goal in mind, it assumes a set of voluntary commitments in terms of ethics and environmental and social responsibility.

Other significant information

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