Reporting Channel of Corticeira Amorim

Internal irregularities reporting channel

In compliance with the applicable legislation and in line with its exacting sense of ethics, CORTICEIRA AMORIM has established its internal irregularities reporting channel, designed to prevent and detect improper and/or illegal behaviour in the context of professional activity and to protect those who report it in good faith and with serious grounds, as well as the people and entities related to them.

 What can be reported?

Inappropriate or unlawful behaviour in a professional context, including attempts to conceal what is reasonably foreseeable, is taking place or has already taken place, in violation of the Law, the Code of Business Ethics and Professional Conduct or other Corticeira Amorim Policies or Regulations.

By way of example, any conduct involving:

  • discrimination or unequal treatment based on ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation, religion, creed, culture, nationality, disability, political or ideological orientation, education or marital status;
  • harassment, in whatever form, which has the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading or humiliating environment;
  • failure to comply with rules on health, safety and working conditions;
  • improper sharing of confidential information or use of privileged information;
  • facilitating, creating, maintaining or promising irregular situations of favour;
  • offering and/or receiving undue advantage and corruption;
  • failure to comply with the duty of diligence in relation to procedures for the prevention and detection of illegal practices in financial and accounting matters, including money laundering or terrorist financing;
  • any form of participation in: (I) violent crime, especially violent and highly organised crime; (II) human trafficking; (III) child pornography and procurement of minors; (IV) arms trafficking; (v) influence peddling; (VI) drug trafficking; (VII) illegitimate access to computer systems, computer sabotage and any practice causing damage to computer programmes or data.

Before reporting any irregularity, please read the information contained in the Internal "Irregularities Reporting Procedure" and the "Internal Reporting Form" available here.

 Available means

Irregularities may be reported:

Audit Committee and Company and/or Compliance Officer of CORTICEIRA AMORIM, SGPS, S.A. CONFIDENTIAL

Rua Comendador Américo Ferreira Amorim, n.º 380 – Apartado 20 - 4536-902 MOZELOS;

  • in person, by requesting a meeting for this purpose.

All reports submitted by the above means will be received and analysed by CORTICEIRA AMORIM's Audit Committee, its independent supervisory body.

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