Strategy and Management


Corticeira Amorim's Sustainability Strategy is aligned not only with the Company's Values ​​and Mission and in-house policies, but also with its commitment to stakeholders and to the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Implementation is achieved through the involvement of top management and the teams responsible for implementation of sustainability initiatives

Regular stakeholder consultation is considered to be essential for definition and subsequent validation of strategic options and for understanding the expectations of the main stakeholders.

In view of the commitment and ambition, Corticeira Amorim has identified 12 SDGs as priorities for its Sustainable Development Strategy: SDG3, SDG4, SDG5, SDG6, SDG7, SDG8, SDG9, SDG11, SDG12, SDG13, SDG15 and SDG17.

The strategic alignment of the entire organisation is enhanced through use of a balanced scorecard methodology. The Board of Directors is responsible for approving strategic objectives, strategic initiatives and priority actions.

The teams responsible for implementing sustainable development practices in each BU, implement the initiatives and actions that are necessary to meet the defined objectives and regularly monitor their performance. It is also up to them to identify and propose necessary actions to support the fulfilment of the defined objectives and goals, to carry out internal and external benchmarks to leverage organisational performance and to identify and propose new challenges.

Strategic sustainability priorities

Preserving ecosystems and ecosystem services by increasing knowledge, mobilising resources and proposing measures.

Our main goals

  • Strengthen efforts to protect and safeguard cultural and natural heritage;
  • Promote the implementation of sustainable forest management and mobilise resources;
  • Combat desertification;
  • Integrate the values ​​of ecosystems and biodiversity.

Reduce the environmental impact of operations through the adoption of renewable, accessible and efficient solutions.

Our main goals

  • Increase the use of renewable energies;
  • Reduce the negative environmental impact;
  • Incorporate measures related to climate change.

Apply the principles of circular economy by reducing waste, prolonging the life of materials and regenerating natural systems.

Our main goals

  • Improve the efficiency of global resources, achieving sustainable management;
  • Manage the use of chemicals in an environmentally sound manner;
  • Substantially reduce the generation of waste by reducing, recycling and reusing materials.

Maintain a proactive role in the development of the already vast field of application of cork, supported by the innate characteristics of the material.

Our main goals

  • Reinforce resilience and the ability to adapt to risks Related to the climate;
  • Increase water use efficiency;
  • Improve energy efficiency.

Support and promote research, development and innovation and promote sustainable solutions.

Our main goals

  • Achieve higher levels of productivity in economies;
  • Promote development-oriented policies that support productive activities, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation;
  • Modernise infrastructures and rehabilitate industries to make them sustainable;
  • Strengthen scientific research;
  • Encourage innovation through research and development.

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

Our main goals

  • Sustain economic growth;
  • Eradicate forced labour worldwide and ensure a global ban on child labour;
  • Protect labour rights.

Promote training, well-being and personal and professional development for all.

Our main goals

  • Ensure training for all;
  • Ensure equal access to opportunities;
  • End all forms of discrimination.

Promote training, well-being and personal and professional development for all.

Our main goals

  • Reduce the number of work accidents and the ability to manage them;
  • Access to essential quality health services;
  • Promote safe and protected work environments.

Sustainability Management

Each BU has a team that is responsible for supporting implementation of the Sustainability Strategy. The Executive Committee is responsible for periodic monitoring. Sustainability is monitored directly by António Rios de Amorim, CEO and Chairman of Corticeira Amorim.

Other subjects of Governance

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