Cork used in the Portuguese pavilion in Expo 2000 Hannover

The award-winning Portuguese architects Álvaro Siza Vieira and Eduardo Souto de Moura use pure expanded agglomerated cork slabs and high density cork slabs as an external covering on several sides of the Portuguese pavilion at Expo 2000 Hannover. The architects take the pioneering decision to use black agglomerated cork in a visible way.

The Centro de Portugal Pavilion, as it is also known, was designed as an exhibition space for Expo 2000 in Hannover, Germany. Today it is located in Coimbra and is intended for cultural activities, such as exhibitions and concerts, organised by Coimbra City Council.

Twin Top® stoppers and the CONVEX® system

Creation of Amorim & Irmãos, S.A. - Ponte de Sor Unit, a centre for the preparation of raw material and manufacture of discs for Twin Top® stoppers. The ground-breaking CONVEX® boiling system for cork is introduced. Opening of this unit enhances quality control of the raw material, and gives greater credibility to the cork industry worldwide.

Ponte de Sor Factory

Construction of the Ponte de Sor factory which reinforces the group's position as a cork producer.

1st glue-free cork floating floor

Amorim Cork Flooring launches the world’s first floating cork floor with glue-free installation.

R&D Department of the Stoppers Unit

Inauguration of the Cork Stopper Business Unit’s R&D Department, which is to facilitate a series of technological advances, establishing the cork stopper as the best wine stopper known to mankind.

Passive house

Hotel Hospitz, St. Christoph, in Arlberg, Austria: uses cork in its insulation techniques, to become a "passive house". In other words it regulates its temperature without using any electronic heating equipment.

New exclusive washing and sterilisation systems

Amorim & Irmãos presents the exclusive Clean 2000 and BWC stopper washing systems. Champcork presents the new ABC1 method for sterilising corks.

Ibis Hotel - Lisbon

Ibis de Lisboa - First application of cork-based ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Systems). This outer coating material is used for the first time. The system was still unknown in Portugal.

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