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A uniqueness that revolutionises

The Floor and Wall Coverings Business Unit (BU) is the world leader in the production and distribution of cork floor and wall coverings. It operates in over 50 countries and is internationally renowned for the quality and innovation of its products. By combining traditional production methods with cutting-edge technology, Amorim Flooring develops distinctive, elegant, resistant and comfortable products, using a material whose qualities science has not yet been able to surpass - and which has proven environmental benefits - cork.

"I have always regarded cork as an excellent material and I have used it in a number of projects designed by myself.

Whenever I have used cork the results have been good, and it is also an interesting option from the economic perspective."
Jordi Bonet i Armengol, the architect in charge of the construction of the Sagrada Familia, by Antoni Gaudí


  • easily and rapidly installed;
  • environmentally friendly - made out of natural products, they favour energy saving (insulating capacity, heat retention);
  • healthy - surface finishes do not retain dirt, therefore they do not favour the proliferation of germs and fungi;
  • sound resistant - they reduce the transmission of sound between and inside compartments;
  • they provide natural thermal insulation, as well as a high capacity to retain thermal energy;
  • comfortable - the cork incorporated into them deadens impact and relieves tension;
  • durable and easy to maintain;
  • re-usable or recyclable.

With a portfolio that combines a wide range of solutions, the products of the Floor and Wall Coverings BU have revolutionised the traditional concept of cork flooring, by blending the unique properties of this raw material with other materials - for example creating wood, vinyl and other completely innovative visuals - and even incorporating the latest digital printing technology. This technology enables any type of design to be replicated onto the cork with an unprecedented degree of realism.

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Cork visuals

Based on the natural appearance of cork, different decorative patterns are created which, combined with a colour treatment, enable the creation of atmospheres which are full of authenticity and character.


Real wood visuals

This product line adds a layer of natural wood, of various species, to the decorative coating, obtaining a product which combines the unique visuals of wood with the unparalleled acoustic and thermal features of cork.


Vinyl visuals

Thanks to the latest technology, this range combines the unique comfort of cork with luxury vinyl visuals which reproduce the natural textures of various types of wood or stone to an extremely high standard of quality. This range is highlighted for its durability, easy maintenance and resistance to wear and tear.


Digital printing visuals

In line with the market's new trends and supported by the most advanced printing technology, it is possible to replicate any type of design onto the surface of the cork, with an unprecedented degree of detail and definition.

Cork wall coverings

This line is an alternative to conventional wall coverings. With a variety of patterns, textures and colours to choose from, it creates warm and elegant atmospheres, with a natural and noble touch, while ensuring a greater acoustic and thermal insulation of the home. These cork wall solutions are extremely easy to clean, hypoallergenic and damp resistant.


Wood flooring

A line of wood flooring made from solid wood or by a multilayer process. It is made from a wide range of species from certified forests and produced with the utmost respect for nature. With innovative surface finish solutions, the range of woods offers high quality products, which are durable and easy to install.

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