Amorim Cork Insulation

Amorim Cork Insulation is dedicated to the production of 100% natural acoustic, thermal and anti-vibration insulation agglomerated cork solutions, that offer high technical performance.

Cork maintains all its attributes intact throughout the product's working life.

Nature’s Friend

It has a solid position in the European market, especially in the sustainable construction sector, due to its strict commitment to meet high standards of quality, rigour and excellence, Amorim Cork Insulation stands out thanks to its permanent development strategy. Its outlook is based on environmental protection, safeguarding of ecosystems and preservation of natural resources.

The history of Amorim Cork Insulation dates back to 1966, when it was launched as a trial venture for the agglomerated cork industry. In 1987 Corticeira Amorim created Expocor, with Portuguese-British share capital, as an integral part of its strategic plan for producing insulation cork products, and aimed at the production, promotion and marketing of expanded cork agglomerates. The objective was to explore new products, applications and personalised markets in these expanded cork agglomerate products, as a natural raw material that has unique characteristics. In fact, in a comparative life cycle analysis, Amorim Cork Insulation products offer outstanding results compared to competing conventional products. Cork maintains all its attributes intact throughout the product's working life, has practically unlimited durability, and is renewable, reusable and recyclable.

In 1997, Amorim Cork Insulation became an independent Business Unit of Corticeira Amorim. It is now the market leader and supplies the brands Amorim (the institutional brand), Corkpan (Italian market), Corktherm 040 (Austrian, German and Swiss markets), Corkisol (French market) and Thermacork (American market). The company’s portfolio revolves around a basic concern: to ensure a comfortable, relaxing and natural environment in buildings. In addition, expanded cork agglomerate is listed within BuildingGreen, the largest North American directory of sustainable construction products.

"Cork is known for its natural temperature-regulating properties and it is known to maintain a similar temperature to our own bodies, thus providing a unique connection between us and the product. As a result, this bench offers a very comfortable experience."

Naoto Fukusawa

"We profited from its high insulation capacity, its low weight and the time captured in its skin. With an increasing global need for energy efficiency, it would be nice to see cork offering its advantages to a broader public."

Alejandro Aravena, Pritzker Prize Laureate 2016

"With cork we use a material that addresses the senses: visual, aural, haptic and olfactory."

Herzog & De Meuron, Priztker Pirze laureates, 2001

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