Innovating cork-based floor and wall coverings

Amorim Cork Flooring

The innovation culture at Amorim Cork Flooring is guided by design thinking. The starting point of this methodology is to observe people, their attitudes and behaviours, in order to find the ideal solution in response to consumers’ real needs. The customer relationship, interactivity and proximity is therefore a fundamental part of this process. Given that sustainability is an inherent characteristic of a 100% natural material such as cork, and a pre-requisite for leadership in the present day, customisation will be a differentiating factor in the future.

Innovation, design and comfort

This is achieved while always upholding the unmatched benefits of Amorim Cork Flooring’s floors: health, comfort, well-being, aesthetics, performance and sustainability. These credentials justify the company's significant and uninterrupted investment in Research & Development and Innovation, which has spawned a range of high-quality products, broad versatility and superior performance, as reflected in the brands, Amorim WISE, Wicanders and Corklife.

Market leader in cork-based floor and wall coverings.

The launch of the Hydrocork® product line, the first waterproof cork-based flooring solution, stands out as an important milestone in the company’s pioneering policy. Hydrocork® is a revolutionary product with high added value, that adds water resistance to low thickness, as a floating floor solution that uses the innovative PressFit compression system. The use of cork as a central raw material, without any PVCs in its product portfolio, and the use of more efficient production techniques, in order to reduce waste, ensure that Amorim WISE’s products have a negative carbon balance.

All of the brand’s product ranges are recyclable and observe the principles of the circular economy. Available in three types of visuals, Amorim WISE also combines cutting-edge technology with innovative design. Digital printing is just one of those innovative tools.

As a market leader in cork-based floor and wall coverings, Amorim Cork Flooring also offers solutions for walls, including current development of the Dekwall Signature solution. The three factors that underpin the success of the company’s products are natural thermal insulation, indoor air quality and visual appeal.

R&D and Innovation by business unit

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