Amorim Cork Flooring

Amorim Cork Flooring is a market leader in the production of versatile, high quality cork flooring and wall decorations that have undeniable sustainability credentials and suitable for any residential, commercial or business project.

The company offers a broad portfolio of different solutions for homes, hotels, museums, restaurants, libraries or offices.

Comfort beneath our feet

The company uses innovative technologies that highlight the unique properties of cork, and has thereby revolutionised the traditional concept of cork-based floor and wall coverings. The company offers a broad portfolio of different solutions for homes, hotels, museums, restaurants, libraries or offices.

Created in 1978, initially known as IPOCORK, Amorim Cork Flooring began its activity as a cork flooring company, based on Circular Economy principles. Significant growth of the cork stopper industry led the Amorim group to move towards manufacturing cork products, thereby consolidating its future leadership in terms of sustainable development, and combining the inspiration of the pure values ​​of Nature with sophisticated Research & Development and Innovation (R & D + i).

Operating in more than 80 countries, linked to the old maxim that “nothing is lost, everything is transformed”, and committed to an integrated production process, Amorim Cork Flooring supplies the market with floor and wall coverings that provide well-being, convenience and unrivalled performance. This was achieved under the Wicanders Wise and Corklife brands. All the products suppled under these brands offer silence (up to 53% less footstep noise), thermal insulation (maintaining an ideal temperature throughout the year), impact resistance (ability to recover from strong impacts), walking comfort (providing stability and perfect balance between surfaces that are too hard and surfaces that are too soft), and indoor air quality (in accordance with the most stringent standards).

"Wicanders Wise flooring is exceptional because it fulfills the three fundamental circumstances for the success of the lounge: it provides sound insulation, is easy to clean and is aesthetically very interesting.”

Miguel Arruda

"The softness of cork can resolve many of society’s problems and also give rise to new possibilities for architecture and design."

Kengo Kuma

"I have always regarded cork as an excellent material. Whenever I have used cork, the results have been good, and it is also an interesting option from an economic perspective."

Jordi Bonet i Amengol, architect in charge of Sagrada Família’s construction

With a 100% PVC free porfolio, Wicanders Wise offers durable and sustainable flooring and wall coverings solutions, with the exclusive comfort provided by cork. By combining state of the art technology with unique raw material, we achieve the highest standard in flooring. Available in Cork, Wood and Stone visuals, Wicanders Wise cork floors endure impacts and are very comfortable to walk and stand on, while providing silent and thermally insulated environment.

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Corklife is the world leading brand in DIY retail of flooring and wall coverings with cork technology. To withstand the needs of everyday life, Corklife is robust, durable and easy to maintain. It offers easy installation for a practical and easy living. Its cork multilayered structure absorbs impacts and provides walking comfort, while contributing to healthy indoor spaces. Corklife combines all of these qualities like no other flooring. From residential to commercial applications. From glue down tiles to waterproof flooring.

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