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Luís Esteves: The constant ambition to do more and better


2020 has been decisively marked by the disruption caused by COVID-19, but it will also be remembered as one of Amorim Cork's best and most challenging years ever! That may seem to be an absurd thing to say, but it reveals the extraordinary year (in the true sense of the word) that we are having!

First of all, due to the attitude and resilience that has been shown by our team, which has assumed its full responsibilities, despite all the valid fears associated to the first wave (April / May) and the second wave (October / November), enabling us to keep our factories and supply chain in normal operation! It is important to remember that we have around 20,000 customers who depend on us. If they didn’t have our stoppers to seal their bottles, there would be unimaginable consequences for the entire value chain!

Second, because we have completed a cycle of initiatives that will mark the company's coming decades. Innovation through new technologies to eradicate TCA will not only consolidate the company’s position as the undisputed leader of product quality and development in our sector, but will also represent a giant step in terms of presenting a range of products that fully responds to market needs! This is the result of the ambition harboured in the Strategic Plan for 2020, wherein in 2017 we defined the goal of reaching 2020 having overcome questions related to TCA!

Third, due to our ability to execute and deliver results! Notwithstanding the difficult years of 2018/2020, with higher raw material costs, and despite the losses caused by COVID-19, we will record one of our best years ever in 2020, in terms of results! The goals outlined for 2020 in 2015, and revised in 2017, have been largely exceeded! They were overcome because, year after year, our teams have been committed to deliver results, through dedicated work, joint vision and teamwork! The challenges were overcome because we were able to join forces with the best, who don’t flinch from questioning what needs to be changed, and embrace the cause with a distinctive attitude! They have been overcome because our ambition has always been renewed, naturally and simply! Often without looking back, with our characteristic discretion, without gloating on past successes, focused on what we can still achieve! They have been overcome, because our team is selfless and fearless before the commitments it assumes, and has the ability to embrace new challenges, get involved, and transform the company into a fundamental part of their lives!

These are our values! Values that have guided everyone's behaviour over this extraordinary 150-year journey! In the 25 years I have been part of this beautiful story, I do not remember a single year where we weren’t eager to grow and dream higher! The ambition to do more and better is one of the first lessons we receive when we join the company! It is part of our DNA. It is, and always will be, an indelible mark of our success! We are proud of our history, the product and innovation that we have been able to introduce, allied to our characteristic strong spirit of initiative and improvement! The ability to lead, to mobilise, to develop new solutions, new customers and markets, and the search for new applications, form an integral part of everyone who works here, marked by the legacy of the family that founded the company and has made it grow!