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Global and integrated management

The global and integrated management of the value chain begins in the Raw Materials Business Unit (BU) which extends across the company. This BU, which was created at the end of 2002, is essential to enhance synergies between the various units, as well as to ensure the optimisation of the flow of raw materials. Over the last few years, this BU has adopted a policy of diversification of the sources of supply, in order to undertake proactive intervention in all the cork-producing regions. For this purpose, in addition to Portugal, its action is focused on Spain, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Sardinia. This strategy develops and enhances cork harvesting in countries and regions where to a certain degree it had been abandoned, while simultaneously ensuring the possibility of a prompt response to any increases in the consumption of raw material in the future.

"The Raw Materials Business Unit has enabled a standard of quality to be created, which is essential to meet market requirements."

Although Corticeira Amorim is not a forest owner, it has a very close relationship with cork producers, only purchasing raw materials from producers who comply with the CE Liège Code of Cork Stopper Manufacturing Practice. It is the responsibility of the Raw Materials BU to prepare, study and decide the company's multi-annual supply policy and maintain an updated historical record of each cork-producing forest unit.

With the ongoing objective of quality, the Raw Materials BU takes on other important missions, such as promoting forest certification with producers, including FSC certification - this BU was one of the first to be given this prestigious accreditation - to encourage the increase of the technical quality of the product and develop partnerships in the fields of R&D which apply to the forest. Also included here is important research work with significant results for the ongoing improvement of all the processes, from the cork oak forest to the final product.