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Facing the ongoing challenge to innovate

Research & Development and Innovation (R&D+I) is a strategic pillar in the leadership of Corticeira Amorim in its various segments of activity. The company, which is completely focused on improving quality, strengthens knowledge which prioritises the optimisation of processes and technologies and the development of new products and businesses.

What first began with a laboratory, specialised in the development of new products and processes, has reached such a scale that R&D+I currently involves a financial investment of six million Euros/year and a lot more in state-of-the art technology and exclusive production processes.

The commitment to R&D+I has led to new patents being filed related to processes and products.

In just five years (from 2007 to 2012), around twenty patent applications were filed in a diverse range of areas, such as beauty products or pharmaceuticals containing cork, components for spacecraft or cork stoppers that help to combat wine counterfeiting.

All Corticeira Amorim Business Units (BU) have their own R&D+I competences, which facilitates independent research and product development, and, in addition, the company has a decisive comprehensive structure, Amorim Cork Research.

Internally, the goal to foster a culture of innovation throughout the company also led to the implementation of the CORK.IN programme, which encompasses all employees in the important goal of generating ideas and proposals for new products and solutions, which materialise into added value for the business.