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High-tech cork solutions

The Composite Cork Business Unit (BU) is the most technological area in the Corticeira Amorim universe. Internationally renowned in the world of research, development and the production of new cork composite solutions, it embraces cutting-edge projects which not only benefit from the technical advantages of cork but increase their added value. It is a partner with recognised credentials in sectors such as transport, aviation and the aerospace industry, construction and design.

Among its main clients are some of the world's most demanding industries in terms of quality. For example it is here that protection materials for spacecraft from NASA and the ESA (European Space Agency) are developed. This BU's TPS (Thermal Protection Systems) solutions are a key element in the important mission to ensure the physical safety of space vehicles, avoiding their destruction by extreme temperatures.
"Incorporating state-of-the-art technology and a unique knowledge of the raw material, the Composite Cork BU researches and develops cork composites for some of the world's most demanding industries."

In land transport, renowned organisations such as Siemens, also found solutions for their boldest ideas at the Composite Cork BU. Also recently, the application of AluCORK cork flooring was revealed, an innovative system which unequivocally contributes to making Inspiro, the state-of-the-art surface metro launched in Warsaw, lighter, more efficient and sustainable.
In other industries, such as construction, the pioneering spirit once again makes its mark. The Composite Cork BU was the first in the world to obtain CE marking on a cork-based underlay, being the only cork insulation which has achieved the top A+ rating from the Building Research Establishment (BRE), in an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). The recognition was given to the AcoustiCORK underlay range, highlighting this solution's excellent environmental performance.
At the forefront of the new cork solutions development, the Composite Cork BU distinguishes itself by its pioneering in the ongoing research of new challenges for cork composites. Among the most exciting challenges is the MATERIA - Cork collection by Amorim, into which it channelled its wealth of knowledge to produce unique items designed by major national and international artists.
The products of the Composite Cork BU are certified by leading entities for quality and environment, including the FSC – Forest Stewardship Council and the PEFC – Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes.

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Insulation solutions with an excellent acoustic (impact and aircraft noise), thermal and vibration performance, designed to meet sustainable construction requirements. It includes a wide range of insulation solutions for application on underlays, floor levelling products, floor heating systems, waterproofing, beam support, light partitions and masonry support, as well as waterproofing and anti-vibration products for infrastructures and foundations.



Expansion joints

Products especially designed to fill the gaps between expansion joints in concrete slabs. They absorb the vibrations and expansion caused by heat or the contraction of different construction materials. They enable the movement of structures without causing damage and thus are particularly suitable solutions to be applied in tunnels, bridges, aqueducts, water supply systems, water reservoirs, dams and airports.




Materials developed with cork composites, which are particularly lightweight and resistant, used in thermal protection systems for ablative shielding. The extensive track record of the use of these products in manned and unmanned space vehicles is evidence of the technical advantages of a product which has stood the test of time and continues to be the first choice of one of the most technologically advanced industries.



Footwear and fine leather goods

Solutions for the footwear industry, with a recognised innovative flair, the ongoing ability to reinvent itself and easy handling. The lightweight, warmth, breathability and compression/recovery characteristics give an impressive performance in terms of comfort, pressure distribution and temperature control. It has been used for decades in the manufacture of podiatry-chiropody components. However, its appealing nature and natural origin place this material in line with contemporary fashion trends. It is, therefore, the choice by world renowned brands and designers.



Composite Cores

A product range especially designed for use in the composite industry. Its low water absorption, fire resistant properties and damping capacity, result in a decrease in structural vibrations and noise, making it highly impact resistant, with greater thermal stability, resilience and lightness.



Technology for the reduction of noise for flooring

NRT products provide flooring with a higher capacity to reduce noise and increase thermal comfort. They boast a high technical performance and have successfully met the requirements of a demanding market and have been attentive to the latest technological developments associated with the need to preserve the environment.


MATERIA – Cork by Amorim

Combining the unique sensory characteristics and personality of cork with a daring design perspective, MATERIA is a collection of items which blend seamlessly into the experiences of everyday life. It reveals cork's potential for comfort, functionality and sensory pleasure. Under the direction of Experimenta Design, the collection was designed by ten Portuguese and foreign designers and studios.


Korko Selection

A careful selection of household design items, inspired by contemporary style. Elegance is allied with function, where the importance of aesthetics is not overlooked, to be harmoniously integrated into day-to-day life. Ranging from utensils to items to simplify routines, all Korko Selection products stem from a unique process striving to attain the perfect object.



The lightweight characteristics, high level of acoustic insulation and durability of cork, have made it one of the most versatile and efficient materials. The development of products for the transportion industry is focused on the application of cork as a core for structures with highly technical requirements for the interior of means of transport - trains, metro trains, buses and aircraft. To meet the transport requirements of the future, the CoreCORK and AluCORK brands develop innovative solutions which stand out in an increasingly demanding market.

The range of products for the transportation industry includes:

  • Panels
  • Floor systems
  • Rail infrastructure systems.