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100% natural and long-lasting insulation

The Insulation Cork Business Unit (BU) is dedicated to the production of acoustic and thermal insulation agglomerates, which are 100% natural with an excellent technical performance. As part of Amorim Isolamentos S.A., it has an established position in the European market, as a result of the strong commitment to comply with the high standards of quality required, particularly by the sustainable construction sector.

"Cork insulates better, lasts longer and is environmentally friendly"
Nuno Graça Moura, architect

The BU stands out as a result of its approach to permanently develop new products and applications, where environmental protection and the conservation of natural resources are an ongoing concern. It was these distinguishing solutions that enabled it to be chosen for internationally renowned works, such as the Portuguese Pavilions in Hannover and Shanghai. The BU was also responsible for the development of furniture items, designed by Ai Weiwei and Herzog & de Meuron for the Serpentine Pavilion, an annual display which brings together the best in international architecture.

The concept of the Insulation Cork BU portfolio stems from a basic concern, which is to provide a comfortable and natural interior atmosphere in buildings, and the results are renowned - its main product, expanded insulation corkboard, is included in the BuildingGreen Top-10 Product for 2013, the largest North American directory of products for sustainable construction.

Another highly successful product is CorkSorb, an innovative range of hydrophobic absorbents, developed with cork and used for the control and cleaning up of oil spills in water environments (rivers, seas, lakes and oceans) or on wet surfaces. Thanks to its sustainability credentials, the CorkSork range has been consecutively awarded nationally and internationally, with some of the highest accolades in the environmental sphere. Highlighted are the Green Project Award; the Innovation for Sustainability Award (EBAEpis); two awards from the European Business Awards for the Environment (in the Product Award and Business for Biodiversity Award categories); the National Award for Environmental Innovation and the Cotec-Unicer Product Innovation award.

A long and sustainable life

A comparative life cycle analysis of Amorim Isolamentos products and conventional ones clearly demonstrates the superiority of cork from an environmental perspective: With practically unlimited durability, it maintains all its characteristics throughout the product's useful life, in addition to being 100% natural and completely recyclable.

It is produced industrially without the use of additives and requires low energy consumption, a unique asset which maximises its positive impact on the environment. During the Insulation Cork BU production process, the optimum use of natural resources is a priority - 93% of its energy needs are met by the use of biomass (cork dust).

The Cork Insulation BU is present in the market under the brands Amorim (Corporate Brand), Corkpan (Italian market), Corktherm 040 (Austria, Germany and Switzerland) and Corkisol (France).

Its products are certified by leading environmental and quality institutions in these countries:

  • ICEA - Instituto per la Certificazione Etica e Ambientale (Italy);
  • Certificado R da Positivlisten (Germany);
  • MPA – The Materials Testing Institute University of Stuttgart (Germany);
  • ACERMI – Association Pour La Certification Des Matériaux Isolants (France);
  • Japan Environment Association (Japan) and the CE marking.